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Choosing the Right Software Modernization Partner

A digital system in need of modernization is often critical to a company’s day-to-day operations. If it requires numerous adjustments, modernization becomes complex and confusing. However, it is not just a matter of what changes are made but also who is responsible for implementing them. The lack of resources and in-house skills to get the […]


Software Development for Startups

In a quickly evolving marketplace, founders need software development with rapid and Agile delivery. Delivering software products can be challenging due to financial struggles, incorrect internal process engineering, ineffective cooperation within the team, and various other additional pitfalls. So, what can help startups increase their chances to succeed in bringing their custom software to life […]


Blending RPA with Data Science

Robotic process automation (RPA) companies aim to create a fully automated enterprise, but even this promise can be short-sighted. Current trends indicate that much more can be done with RPA – especially when combined with data science. RPA tools began as computers began to do a repetitive part of humans’ work. The keyword here is […]


Understanding Risk Management in Software Development

Like any other project, software development involves certain risks that, if not addressed, can derail the project or even lead to failure. Whether you are a large corporation, a government agency, an international organization, or a small startup, you must actively manage risk in software development. Common risks include budget overruns, project delays, personnel problems, […]


The Importance of Data Encryption

Imagine: you have just received your brand-new software that will improve your company’s performance on the market and make the staff’s work more automated and relaxed. You are excited to upload all your data into the cloud and start work. But then a thought crawls into your mind. “How safe is my information online? Won’t […]


Optimizing Manufacturing through Process Mining

One of the main objectives of process optimization is to identify the current state of the customer’s production processes. Very often, provided process documentation is fragmented, incomplete, and outdated. Problems with traditional process optimization To create an accurate process model for our client, we analyze all available documentation and begin a process of refinement, interviewing, […]


Intelligent Automation to Boost Your Business

What is Intelligent Automation? It’s a valuable set of tools that can connect and automate business processes beyond RPA and BPM, such as Low-Code, RPA, AI, big data, and cloud capabilities. This can pave the way for a significant improvement in the enterprise’s segregated processes. An effective digital automation brings together disparate data sources in […]


Launching Modern Technology Strategy with a Transformation Mindset

Do modern products alter – or normalize – your business? Many businesses attempt to convert and modernize by migrating to the cloud, upgrading CRM structures, and purchasing software that claims to overhaul them completely. However, in practice, this approach to modernization is simply product-solving to suit new business norms rather than a revolutionary, strategic modern […]


5 Ways How AI Transforms the Fintech Industry

Machine learning and artificial intelligence could be the future of everything in the fintech sector. By adopting intelligent solutions, financial institutions gain a serious competitive advantage to cope with the industry’s ever-changing landscape. Typically, the integration of artificial intelligence improves outcomes because the technology applies techniques based on common aspects of human intelligence but beyond […]


Moving CX into High Gear with Artificial Intelligence

AI has dramatically changed the face of customer service by raising the bar for customer experience, making processes more efficient, and lowering overall operating costs. Companies around the world are fighting for customer experience and finding new ways to achieve it. They are turning to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced […]